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Millions of people suffer from conditions that cause their hearts to beat too rapidly (cardiac arrhythmias). Current treatments such as drugs and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) are not curative and the available drugs have numerous documented side-effects.

Ablation is an alternative treatment to drugs and ICDs in which the region of the heart that is responsible for the arrhythmia is burned by radio-frequency energy. This approach has shown potential for long-term prevention of arrhythmias. One of the major impediments to more widespread use of this treatment is the lack of adequate diagnostic equipment to identify the appropriate target for ablation.

Endocardial Solutions, Inc. (ESI) was founded in 1993 to develop products aimed at dramatically improving and simplifying the diagnostic process for these conditions through a technique called "non-contact mapping". The   3000® Electrophysiology Workstation and the  ® Catheter allow physicians accurate and rapid identification of target ablation sites.

Whether you are a physician, a patient, a researcher, or an investor, we hope you will find our web site useful in answering your questions about Endocardial Solutions, Inc. and non-contact mapping.

James Bullock

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