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  3000® Electrophysiology Workstation

The   3000® System addresses the need for more rapid, comprehensive and cost-effective diagnosis of complex forms of SVT. The high resolution, three-dimensional, color display generated by the   3000® Electrophysiology Workstation is designed to provide electrophysiologists greater diagnostic capabilities than single-point contact catheter mapping devices currently available.

The   3000® System provides electrophysiologists with a real time, virtual image of the electrical activity of the heart without contacting the heart's surface. The   3000® Electrophysiology Workstation displays more than 3,000 points of electrical activity using ESI's proprietary algorithms. Diagnosis is enhanced by the "reconstructed electrogram" function of the   3000® Electrophysiology Workstation that allows electrophysiologists to instantaneously view the electrical activity at any of the more than 3,000 points displayed by selecting a specified point on the workstation's three-dimensional color map of the heart with the workstation's mouse pointer.

The sytem's EnGuide™ locator signal provides a real-time display of the precise location of auxiliary catheters introduced into the heart. The   3000® Electrophysiology Workstation combines both conventional and advanced mapping features to cover a wide range of clincial needs.

A video of the 3D map during sinus rhythm is shown below.

sr_fin.gif (196188 bytes)

Click image to play GIF animation (192KB)

Key Benefits

The   3000® System has been designed to help the clinician:

ENHANCE DIAGNOSTIC MAPPING. The diagnostic power of the   3000® System is designed to enable electrophysiologists to make more informed decisions in choosing optimal treatment for tachycardia patients. The high resolution, three-dimensional color map generated by the   3000® System should greatly enhance electrophysiologists' diagnostic capabilities through the system's ability to capture and display a significantly greater amount of electrical data than can be generated with currently available contact catheters.

MAP COMPLEX ARRHYTHMIAS. ESI believes that its technology will enable electrophysiologists to map complex forms of SVT in the majority of patients who cannot be mapped effectively using currently available technology.

MAXIMIZE EP RESOURCES. ESI believes that the   3000® System will reduce the costs associated with treating complex arrhythmias by significantly reducing the amount of time required to locate and diagnose abnormal heart rhythms and by enabling electrophysiologists to select potentially less costly treatment for patients.

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